Fundraising Recognition Awards 2020

One of the primary aims of this event is to raise valuable funds for Bloodwise. The charity is entirely reliant on donations to fund research into beating blood cancers, and so this reward recognises and rewards the person who raises the most money for the charity.

If every child raised  £30 each, Bloodwise Jersey would reach their 2020 fundraising goal!

The Vistra Bloodwise Jersey Kids’ Triathlon will award to top three highest fundraisers who raise the most valuable funds for Bloodwise. Please note the closing date to win a fundraiser award is Saturday 6 June 2020 at midday.

2020 Fundraiser awards:

1st Prize: TBC

2nd Prize: TBC

3rd Prize: TBC


The Vistra Bloodwise Jersey Kids’ Triathlon – School Trophy


Each year, the school who represents the most children who have entered the race (pro-rata) will be rewarded with The Vistra Bloodwise Jersey Kids Triathlon – School Trophy.

The school award closing date will be Friday 5 June 2020 at 9am. We will then contact the winning school to inform them they have won the day before the event. The winning school will be invited to attend the prize-giving at the end of the day, in order to receive their trophy.


For 2019, the fundraising winners were:

1st Place: Finley Matlby

2nd Place: Eleanor Doherty

3rd Place: Rebecca Walker


The Schools Trophy was awarded to Helvetia School!